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Easy to use veneer dryer creates value for users

Release date:2019-12-14 10:05:52Click:651

When it comes to veneer dryer, it can be seen from its name that it is used to dry veneer. Veneer is the veneer that is peeled by the veneer cutter. After drying, these veneers can be processed into other wood products, such as plywood, plywood, etc.

The quality of veneer dryer plays a decisive role in its good use. It seems that the structure of the dryer is relatively simple, including the device for conveying veneer, the system for controlling veneer drying and the heating device. However, the effect of other drying veneers is inseparable from the production process of the equipment. The drying veneer is to inject the hot air in the hot blast stove into the upper and lower bellows through the centrifugal fan, and the hot air is blown to the upper and lower sides of the moving veneer through the nozzle of the bellows. Here, it is required that the veneer should be heated evenly, otherwise the veneer is easy to deform in the drying process, and the drying effect will also be affected Influence.

Therefore, the selection of manufacturing materials and production process will affect the quality of the product, and the quality of the dryer will affect whether the product is easy to use, and the easy-to-use product can create value for users.